SunstrikePiano.Com is up and running!

A month ago at this time, Sunstrike Piano was little more than a Facebook Page with my logo and a secret album I was preparing to launch. This “morbid experiment” has grown considerably since then – far beyond the investment I intended to put into it. Here’s the “thought” process so far:

1.) There’s this top-secret album I’m releasing at the beginning of June. I need a base from which I can promote it on social media. HEY! Let me make a Facebook page!

2.) Facebook page is MADE! It would be kind of weird to have this and no mailing list. Maybe I should set one up and put signups on the page.

3.) So-and-so says he knows a way to write Facebook ads that will have people Like my page. Yeah, right… The comments seem to have an actual discussion that people have made it work. F*** it. Let me try it and see what happens.

4.) All right. I’ll go walking and make this video with my cell phone. Then, I’ll set it to the title track off my album and use that to make my ad.

5.) HOLY S***!!! People are actually LIKING this?! Hold up… They’re from Nepal? Libya? Nigeria?

6.) Oh well… Even if they never buy a download, I’ll still get paid if they stream. (Yes, we all know streaming pays nothing. Humor me.) Here’s a track for you to try out, My Nepali Sister!

7.) Hmmmm… I should probably have something else on my page besides my logo and this movie. HEY! Let me go back to the park and take pictures!

8.) Album is released. Let me get verified with Spotify for Artists. WHAT?! They want an Instagram and Twitter as proof of ownership?!

9.) F***ing A… Let me go start them. Of course, there is nothing ON them. Let me get HootSuite set up so I can at least schedule posts with them.

10.) Square pictures show up better on Instagram. Wait… what about square videos? I should figure out how to do that.

11.) Does it make sense to have these social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) point to ANOTHER social media profile (Facebook)?

12.) Do I really want to drop the money on a website? I already exceeded my budget… but… F*** it. Let me go ahead and do it. At least if I actually succeed, I don’t have to worry about cyber-squatting.


The past month, I have learned more about how to use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, HootSuite, and Google Drive than I thought I would care to learn. If it weren’t for Google, I’d have given up already. That said… I’m glad to say that it looks like I am nearing the first “point.”

It’s still a morbid experiment with no guaranteed Return on Investment, but I feel pretty good about what the next steps are going to be as I follow this path. Even if I never come close to making my money back, I’m learning something.

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I'm a pianist with a cell phone who decided to take bad pictures and videos and slap my logo and music on them.

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